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Feb 26, 2014 7:00am EST
in swiss bank accounts and held avoid tax. between 2001 and 2008 a band of credit suisse bankers, they boarded planes and headed en masse to the united states on tourist visas. once in america it was time to woo possible clients. trips to miami, golf tournaments and high society cocktail party was part of the course. it was here that "sports illustrated" magazines were used to hand over bank statements on the sly. page 39, bob, that's according to one client. it all sounds very "wolf on wall street." the report claims the bank opened swiss accounts for more than 22,000 u.s. customers with assets totaling some $12 billion. that is why the u.s. is annoyed. it wants the taxes the swiss banks helped americans to dodge. our correspondent imojen foulkes is following the story from geneva. >> reporter: i think some of the detail is causing raised eyebrows in switzerland. they have a reputation for being rather cautious and careful. this comes like something out of a spy novel or a hollywood movie. the fact is the swiss do know that their big banks, credit suisse and ubs, at that period
Feb 26, 2014 6:00am EST
to evade tax. according to a u.s. senate panel credit suisse bankers traveled to the united states on tourist visa and solicited clients in high society new york parties as well as florida golf outings. one client said he received his bank statements inside a "sports illustrated" magazine. now, the report claims that the bank b opened swiss accounts for more than 22,000 u.s. customers with assets toelting some $12 billion. a lot more on gmt coming up. out of all the large european companies france is yet to show itself pulling itself out of the meyer. one sign would be a fall in the initial number of job seekers. hollande says he should be kujed on his success of getting french people back to work. the figures have gone from bad to worse. no one is holding their breath in paris. well over 3 million french people are actively looking for work. private firms are finding it hard to pay their labor bills and rise above those latest tax increases. more throughout the rest of the day on this story as well as this one. the european jet maker airbus reported a very goodyear. a rise of 22%
Feb 27, 2014 7:00am EST
a sound and responsible financial system. never again should tax payers have to foot the bill when banks and financial institutions make mistakes. i say this quite purposefully in london since london is sufficient of such great importance for the common european market, the financial market, and thus for the economy of all european member states. in the negotiations the next budget, britain and germany together saw to it that in times of severe cuts in national budgets in europe too, expenditure is focused on what is necessary and on what is important to secure europe's future. priority here is on investment in science and research. without attaining top rank innovation we will fall behind and lose prosperity. in many areas, only to mentioned internet as one example we are no longer among the best. we have to close that gap again. we will only be able to achieve this if all of us in europe join forces and pull in the same direction. i am convinced if we continue to make it very clear that we are serious about wishing to change we will find the necessary legal instruments to reach our goa
Mar 4, 2014 7:00am EST
governments across ukraine. on the other hand to improve the efficiency of government. from taxes, to preserve public order. the balance is difficult to achieve with the government which is now quite weak. >> given russia's position in terms of the the amount of troops on the ground, how difficult is it going to be do you think for ukraine to see the russian troops lead? >> that's the challenge. ukraine in the midterm or perhaps in the long term will try to work with the international community to militaryize the area. obviously russia would not want to do that. but i guess that's negotiable. >> doesn't president putin have a report that the deal originally negotiated between yanukovych and the three foreign ministers was thrown out of the window 24 hours later? >> things change, right? >> they sure did. he left. >> he left. he didn't do what he was supposed to do. so the deal was void. so i guess the thing changed too quickly. again, russia didn't sign the deal. so i guess it's the european minister should have been sort of worrying about it, not russian side. >> very briefly, does ukraine fe
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4